SEO Specialist @ Buyhatke, Bengaluru

Experience : 3-6 years

Responsibilities :

  • Improve our search visibility
  • Implement standards to display rich snippets in search results.Observing search patterns for each service in the online market at city level and optimize title, url and description accordingly to increase click through rate and ensure top rank in search results for targeted keywords
  • Communicating with marketing team (content-writers or article writers) and helping them in deciding the titles and content more positive towards SEO rather than just readability
  • Outsource and overlook off-page SEO
  • Try to use shopping related keywords in blog to help SEO
  • Maintaining and ensuring the content visibility to search engines

Requirements :

  • Ability to identify the tactics used by competitors and correlating their traffic with their content
  • Link Building
  • Aware of the latest changes in Search Technology by Giant search engines like Google
  • Basic scripting skills in any scripting language
  • Ability to analyse the effects of the changes made, using tools like Google Analytic