About us

What is buyhatke ?

Buyhatke is one of India’s most loved shopping research destinations and touches over 10 million user sessions a month. Buyhatke is working on building the most ubiquitous layer on any internet connected device and powering insights around anything commerce. Buyhatke has a lot of global firsts to its name and has got tremendous user love for the same. Buyhatke envisions to touch millions of users on a daily basis and help them have an amazing shopping experience and touch them at various decision making points of their journey.

Who are we ?

We are a passionate young team working on improving the decision making in shopping of a billion Indians. We have had amazing innovations that have impacted 10s of millions of people and we are just getting started.

The values that we stand for:

Hatke is a hindi word that means different. Buyhatke in its journey was started with a motive being different in everything that we do. And we have built out an amazing culture that has delivered some of the most amazing global firsts at Buyhatke. We approach doing things in a hatke way in every activity that we do. We have over 40% work force women, we challenge the status quo almost everyday, we change how things operate, we have drop outs and we have IIT­BITS grads, we are young, driven and hatke in every sense of the word.Here’s a vid that enunciates that.

And we abhor what people say that beautiful global firsts can’t come from India. We remind them that saying most of the amazing workforce at the most innovative organisations are dominated by Indians. We are just staying back in India and beautfully handcrafting innovations that would change how a billion Indians shop