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Technology without the requisite marketing is like a guitar with no player. The beautiful blending of technology with scalable marketing is what creates a magical symphony that millions of people adore. Marketing amplifies the best user experiences that users have with a product to a massive enough audience. People good at marketing deeply understand the product, know why users love the product, work cross functionally with content, tech, UX people to magnify the reach.

At Buyhatke we pride ourselves being different and would love for someone to join us who can think of amazing marketing strategies which can scale the reach and userbase that Buyhatke. Marketing is immensely involving and has limitless possibilites where you reach users through any channel, via social promotions, cross collaborations, media promotions etc.

Examples for reference:

Assignments :

  1. Check the two images given below.

    Let me know how you can promote this. This is a pretty innovative way that we are exploring to promote Buyhatke with free parking being given to vehicles coming to malls in lieu of they exploring Buyhatke. Let me know how you can scale this up massively to say a million users (.ie getting close to 10K users everyday) in 100 days. Do a guesstimate calculation and mall traffic, how many malls needed, cost computations etc. Also think of the hurdles, issues and other things that might come around. Try getting in suggestions from whomever you like.

    You can respond by Date and Time, Make a google doc and share the link in below form

  2. Best marketing activity that you have seen from someone. What did you learn from it ? What was it lacking ? How would you do it differently if given an option

  3. Given a budget B. (Say 1 cr) You have to make Assistant known to every college going student in a way that you

    a. Get the best recall (Those students think Assistant while shopping / recharge/ food ordering / ticketing /)

    b. Maximise the reach (Make those people evangelists in promoting the app to others How would you go about it ?

    Some reference resources:

Note : Please create the single zip file for all asignments & share the link using google drive in below form