Content Developer @ Buyhatke, Bengaluru

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What’s the role ?

They say a picture speaks louder than a thousand words. A vid more than 10000 words. But what magnifies this 10x is the content that goes behind it. Content can take any form and shape. It can be written, an image, a meme, a vid. At Buyhatke we pride ourselves being different and would love for someone to join us who can think of creative content which can amplify the communication we do with our users. It could be social media posts, blogs, guest articles on news sites, funky gifs, cool vids, tumblr microblogs anything that users consume. You think you can think and write outside the box, come join us because, well we live outside the box. ;)

Assignments :

  1. To point out 3 mistakes in the blogs written here and how they can be improved.
  2. Can you compose similar content for one more person as shown in this video for 4 eminent personalities. Example : Video
  3. Give a link of most creative piece of communication/content you have seen. What did you learn from it ?
  4. Create a listicle of 5 events where people screw up while shopping. ( A listicle is an article of this form )

Some More info for reference :

Note : Please create the single zip file for all asignments & share the link using google drive in below form