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Stores we Support

Using your Buyhatke Wallet, you can create a voucher at any of the below stores to purchase items there. Here's how it works:

Add money to Buyhatke Account


Create Voucher


Use Voucher to buy item at store


Get upto 3% instant cashback

Offers on Top Brands - Gift Cards & Vouchers

Instant Cashback Offers on All Stores

Ready to get started?

Add money in your wallet to get started. It's simple. You can add as little as Rs. 100.

How to Avail Instant Cashback upto 3%?

Get Buyhatke extension for Web or Assistant App for Mobile.

Open an e-commerce platform you want to purchase from.

Select your product, click 'Buy Now'.

Confirm the address, check order summary, and select 'Add Gift Card' from among the payment options.

Open Buyhatke Wallet in a new tab, and login with your Google or Facebook.

Next, add money to the Buyhatke wallet with your UPI ID. Offer can be availed via UPI payments only.

As the wallet balance updates, click 'Create a Voucher'.

Now, select the ecommerce platform and voucher amount. If you want to purchase more vouchers, you can increase the quantity of vouchers.

As you purchase the voucher, cashback will be credited to your wallet. For instance, let us say you purchase a voucher worth Rs. 10,000. In this case, the cashback you earn would be Rs. 300 (3% of Rs. 10,000). This entire cashback amount can be used to purchase more vouchers from Buyhatke wallet. Purchasing a Rs. 400 voucher with Rs. 400 cashback in your Buyhatke Wallet, would cost you absolutely nothing. Zero!

Now go to 'My Vouchers', and find the 'Voucher Code' and 'Secret Key'

Switch to product purchase page in the previous tab and redeem the voucher using 'Voucher Code' and 'Secret Key' to complete the purchase.