Redmi Note 3 Script

Get your favourite Mi Device in the upcoming open sale

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Waiting for the upcoming Redmi Flash Sale?
In order to get them you just need to do the steps below:

1. Ensure that you have registered on for the Mi5 or Redmi Note 3 Flash Salebeforehand so that you are eligible for the purchase. The registration links can be found here here.

2. Its Open Sale Today! Install our addon from Here.

3. Subscribe to Xiaomi Mi5 or Redmi Note 3 Open Sale alert from our extension options page here. You can also access it by right clicking on the Buyhatke logo in your Chrome bar and clicking on options

4. Ensure that you have the Chrome browser open and you are logged in into with a good internet connection at least 5 minutes before the sale time

5. The extension should not be in the disabled state at that time. The Chrome extension would open a new tab of Xiaomi Mi5 or Redmi Note 3 product page where it would add the product into the cart when the sale starts.

6. Do not close that tab. In case you accidentally close it, open it by clicking here.

Hundreds have got the Mi5 and Redmi Note 3.
Now is your chance!

If you ensure this we would ensure our best that you get the Xiaomi phone

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Next sale opens in

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