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Pierre Cardin President Fountain Pen

4 / 5 1146 Ratings , 10 Reviews
385 onwards

Features :

  • Body Color: Black
  • Made of Metal

Pierre Cardin President Fountain Pen Price List :

Best Price
Pierre Cardin President Fountain Pen
6-7 days
Pierre Cardin Chrome President Fountain Pen with Ink Converter and 4 Cartridges  Blue
Pierre Cardin President Fountain Pen
Pierre Cardin Chrome President Fountain Pen with Ink Converter and 4 Cartridges  Blue |Pack of 3
Pierre Cardin President Exclusive Fountain Pen New   Blue ink
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  • Pierre Cardin President Fountain Pen price starts at INR 385
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  • The Pierre Cardin President Fountain Pen is available at best price of INR 385 on Flipkart.
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Pierre Cardin President Fountain Pen Specification :

Key Features

  • Body Color: Black
  • Made of Metal


Sales Package Pen with Tin Box
Model Number Masterpiece
Nib Grade Medium
Mechanism Cap On - Cap Off
Other Features
  • Ball Point Technology
  • German Ink
  • Includes Rubberband Memo Block
  • Black Lacquer Finish

Width 0.59 inch
Length 5.51 inch

Ratings & Reviews

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4 / 5
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    Well,well,well...friends,as the title says,it really is that!!!:) Now let me get this straight....the design of this pen is simply taken from a Montblanc Meisterstuck 149/146...:).The same cap design,the same barrel design(just a little blunter to say),the same nib design and even the same trim placement!!!What remained not to be taken,hmm???;).....It really looks like a Montblanc,just without that famous star emblem on the top the cap that symbolizes the Montblanc brand..:) (For obvious reasons,you see, pierre cardin can not copy that...;)but who cares:)) However,enough introduction,now lets get into the business and lets give a review of THIS pen,(not of a Montblanc;)!!) 1.BUILD QUALITY:4/5 Very solidly built.The barrel is made of solid metal.The section,too,is pretty solid(though i assume its not metal).The cap is solid and fits to the barrel with a very pleasant 'click',indicating a good quality.As a whole the construction of this pen is very solid at its core.Now,the reason i gave it '4' instead of '5',is the quality of the black lacquer and gold plating.Clearly that is cheap.I can feel that those things wont last a long time and will bring down the beauty of the pen to the ground over time.But,i mean,at this price,you should not really expect for more.Even a Montblanc Meisterstuck gives you a warranty of only 2 years after taking some 45k from you!!!So for a pen of some mere 300/400 rupees,I hope you got enough logic now..:) DESIGN AND ERGONOMICS:4.5/5 Its a replica of Montblanc,so there is no doubt that its very ergonomic.:).You should find great comfort while using it.For me,this is a moderately weighing pen(because i am accustomed to use some seriously heavy Sheaffers;)),but those who use ultra lightweight pens,(An Agni gel pen worth rs.2/3,just for example)may find this a bit heavy at the beginning. But rest assured,after a bit of getting used to it,you will love this ergonomics.PLEASE NOTE,THIS IS NOT A PEN FOR FAST WRITING IN EXAMS,BUT AN EXCELLENT COMPANION FOR A BIT SLOWER SESSIONS. The design is what i call,pure classical.This may not suit everyone's taste,but i love this design. NIB AND PERFORMANCE:5/5 Simply,excellent.You should not really expect anything more at this price level.The nib is very very smooth and has some buttery feel to it which only very expensive pens offer.I really congrats pierre cardin for making such a nib at this price point.Clearly they just did not copy the looks,but,did manage to carry out a good portion of the performance too!!!This is really great.The ink flow is almost consistent and the nib lays down moderately wet medium lines.No bleeding,no feathering and no skipping.What more? CONCLUSION: A classic pen at an affordable price.A must have for fountain pen lovers and for those ones who want to take a plunge into the immersive world of fountain pens.:) Thank you.

    - Arnab De
    13 Dec, 2012
  • 5

    Awesome Pen.........

    This pen is quite brilliant on the move.........when i first wrote ,it was writing like a water flowing from a tap.this pen really great,awesome,fantastic,amazing,etc;........... The nib reveals itself over a period of time. Initially might appear hard and a bit scratchy but don't write it off and don't jump to conclusions. Keep writing....use heavily.....give it some time and watch it improve into something different altogether. A couple of weeks and everything feels just right.....the nib and the rest of the pen do what's expected and do it pretty well. This particular model comes with the Converter system for ink refilling which is pretty basic and quite easy to use. A cartridge can be manipulated to fit the pen in place of the converter but it's always better to stick to the "factory settings". Converter works just fine. Works best with Parker's ink "Quink" which is also readily available. Flipkart doesn't stock "Quink", so that has to be sourced from elsewhere....however Faber Castell inks work just fine.

    - Mohammed Mudassir
    7 Jun, 2012
  • 4

    Good For Bulk Writing

    I am fountain pen lover and use it regularly. When my Rudy Kellner Blue Diamond had been picked up from my pocket, I had to find a new one. I choose Pierre Cardin Masterpiece as my new writing companion among from other two local and two global brands. At first sight, three features compelled me to do so. First, it has an elegant traditional look. Second, its excellent body weight that reminded me of my Rudy. I always found it delightful to write with a weighty pen; especially when I had to write massively. It is like playing cricket with a heavy bat, if you are apt to. Third and the most important point for choosing this pen is its Nib. In fact, quality of Nib stands for the only criterion for choosing a fountain pen. Pierre Cardin Masterpiece comes with medium point Iridium Nib. Iridium nib and still nib have hell and heaven difference and the former is the heaven among the class.It is absurd purchasing still nib for thousand or more rupees instead of purchasing iridium nib at Rs. 380. My old Rudy was German and Pierre Cardin is French in breed. Now India is manufacturing these pens under their brand names. However, Rudy and Pierre Cardin are still keen about their nib. I am using the pen about four months. For first two days writing was not that much smoother. Afterwards it became an exquisite experience. Writing is thick, almost like Rudy Kellner. Writing needs good quality paper that ensure not soaking of the ink. I prefer Parker Quink black ink as it cleans the pen as it flows. Many market available inks leave sediment on the nib causes erosion. Though, the body has excellent weight, colors might fade in course of time. However, Pierre Cardin Masterpiece is one of the best among those fountain pens I have used last thirty years.

    - Debguru Chatterjee
    10 Aug, 2013

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