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Logitech MK270r Wireless Combo Keyboard

4.4 / 5 807 Ratings , 10 Reviews
1295 onwards

Features :

  • For Computer
  • Interface: Wireless
  • Multimedia Keys

Logitech MK270r Wireless Combo Keyboard Price List :

Best Price
Logitech MK270r Wireless Combo Keyboard Logitech Keyboards
Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard  Black
4 Sellers
Logitech Wireless MK270r Keyboard and Mouse Set
Logitech MK270R 2.4Ghz Wireless Desktop Mouse and Keyboard Combo English/Korean Type
8-13 days
Logitech Wireless Keyboard K270 with Long Range Wireless 920 003051
8-13 days
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  • Logitech MK270r Wireless Combo Keyboard price starts at INR 1295
  • The price for Logitech MK270r Wireless Combo Keyboard is valid across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Kolkata.
  • The Logitech MK270r Wireless Combo Keyboard is available at best price of INR 1295 on Flipkart.
  • All the prices have have been updated as of Dec 02, 2021.

Logitech MK270r Wireless Combo Keyboard Specification :

Key Features

  • For Computer
  • Interface: Wireless
  • Multimedia Keys


Model Number MK270r
Type Laptop Keyboard

Product Details

Sales Package Keyboard, Mouse, Nano-receiver, 2 x AAA (Keyboard) and 1 x AA (Mouse) Batteries, User Documentation
Part Number 920-004500/920-004498/920-006316
OS Supported Windows: XP, Vista
Internet Keys Yes

Power Features

Battery Life 24 Months (Keyboard) and 12 Months (Mouse)


Warranty Summary 3 Years Limited Hardware Warranty

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Score

4.4 / 5
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    Incorrect Specifications

    When I ordered this product it was listed as Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard. I spent lot of time researching for a value for money wireless keyboard and after viewing reviews on MK270 Wireless Keyboard I locked up on this product. The MK270 comes with the Logitech Unifying Receiver and both Keyboard (K270) and Mouse (M185) carry the unifying logo. I was planning to use it with additional Unifying receiver for my home and my office computers. When I received the product it was Logitech MK270r wireless keyboard. MK270r is not compatible with Logitech Unifying Technology. The receiver is normal (non-unifying) nano receiver and both the keyboard and the mouse do not carry the unifying logo. This product is NOT compatible with unifying technology. I had to spend lot of time with flipkart to make them understand and trying to get the right product. But at the end they they simply renamed the product title from MK270 to MK270r still leaving the specification and image incorrect. Now they say they don't have the MK270 and that I can go ahead return the MK270r I have received. Phew... after spending so much time, this is what I had to hear. My thoughts about the product - The product works well. Go for it if you don't care or are not interested in Unifying compatible keyboard-mouse combo. I would give the product THREE STAR rating to simply reflect on Logitech downgrading the product from Unifying to non-Unifying at the same price range. I would recommend one must go for Logitech MK270 elsewhere rather going for a product that is non-Unifying at the same price range. Remember Unifying gives you the flexibility in many ways to use your device with multiple receivers as well as use additional compatible products with the single receiver. Finally I would DEDUCT TWO STARS for carelessness on Flipkart's part to reflect they should improve to provide the correct product information and not to mislead and waste customers' time.

    - Manish Saxena
    21 Jun, 2014
  • 4

    Logitech MK270r - Keyboard and Mouse combo

    Before placing my order with Flipkart, I visited some major on line stores like Snapdeal, Amazon, etc. to select a wireless keyboard for my Bluray Player and ascertain the prices. While going through the product reviews made by the purchasers, I noticed that -- there are in fact two models of the combo are available in the market; -- many buyers expressed that they got something that was, not ordered or something, that was not as per the description given on the websites. -- Some of them wrote that they did not get Unifying receiver when Logitech MK270 was ordered; -- and some wrote that the item shipped to them , was not even MK270 but it was MK270r Adding to my confusion, an on line store was giving Item Model Number under "Product Information" which is something like 920-004500, 920-006316, and so on, with different price-tags. Some on line stores included the image of a Unifying Receiver in the offers for Logitech MK270r. So I made a small research on the web and came to the following conclusion which is, of course subject to correction. Logitech MK270 - Keyboard and Mouse combo models were shipped to India under PN: 920-004500 up to March, 2014. Thereafter, Logitech MK270r - Keyboard and Mouse combo were shipped under PN: 920-006316. Logitech MK270 - Keyboard and Mouse combo were supplied with an Unifying Receiver with a Logo on the Receiver and Mouse (M185). The shipments from the month of April,2014 were received as Logitech MK270r - Keyboard and Mouse combo which contain a Nano receiver only but not a Unifying Receiver.However, the Key board (model: K270) and the mouse(model :M185) are same. Some on line store are giving PNs other than the two mentioned above two. Most probably they are not imported by Indian Licencee but outsourced from other countries. I ordered Logitech MK270r - Keyboard and Mouse combo on Flipkart and I got it on the 3rd day (ordered on 29 th and received on 30th, Decemer, 2014), and it is as per the description given on their website. The packing by Flipkart calls for improvement. I purchased this item to use with my Samsung Bluray Player (BD -H6500) which has a browsing feature. I am very happy tha the keyboard and Mouse are working perfectly. I tried them on my laptop with windows 8.1 64bit windows without any problem. Keys are very smooth without any noise. Mouse (model: M185) is equally good. I strongly recommend this item to my friends who are thinking of purchasing a wireless Key Board and Mouse as a combo. However, the sellers whoever is offering this combo should pay attention to the confusion regarding the product. Keeping in mind the things mentioned above, I contacted Flipkart Help Center (Product Expert) and asked them about what is that I am going to get if the order is placed for Logitech MK270r. I am informed that I would be getting a Nano Receiver but not Unifying Receiver. I also asked them, why, in such a case, an image of Unifying receiver is displayed instead of a Nano receiver on the website. I have not received a satisfactory reply from them. Flipkart or the Seller (WS Retail) is required to correct the discrepancy in the images of Logitech MK270r. The combo is worth its price.

    - Patan Mastan Vali
    1 Jan, 2015
  • 1

    Got a related but different product

    I had ordered a MK270. The photo on this product's description shows a MK270 with a unifying receiver having the logo of a Logitech Unifying receiver. What I received is a Logitech MK270r. This is the cheaper model that does not have a unifying receiver. I notice that When I made the order, the description page said it was a Logitech MK270 with a MRP of Rs. 2095. Now the page has been updated to reflect that it is a MK270r. Also the MRP listed on the box that I received is Rs.1995. I had ordered the product from WS Retail. I did not expect Flipkart to do a bait and switch of this type. Edit: One more thing, this set uses 1 AA cell for the mouse and 2 AAA Cells for the keyboard. The description mentioned 2xAA and 2xAAA Also the keyboard has a rupee symbol next to the 4 key on the top row. Edit2: Here is my review of the product The keyboard is pretty decent. The design is spill proof and has multiple drain holes. So if you spill water on the keyboard, it should not be an issue. The quality of the keys is ok. The key feel is good enough to type reasonably fast. I dont know how long this will be the case. I have an older Logitech wireless keyboard + mouse combo, the keyboard of that felt like this when new, but the feel did not last for more than 6 months. That keyboard still works after 3 years of heavy use, but it is not as easy to type fast on that keyboard. The multimedia keys on this keyboard are on top and you will not easily feel the difference by touch. This makes pressing those keys by accident a real difficult task. I used to frequently press some random multimedia key on my older keyboard when I needed to press a function key. This keyboard also has a caps lock light. I am using it with a macbook pro laptop. The light does not synchronize with the caps lock light on the laptop's keyboard. This keyboard works fine with the mac. The volume keys and the play/pause key works fine with OSX. The Windows key maps as the command key, I swap the command and option keys in OSX so that the keyboard layout is similar to a native mac keyboard. When using it with a virtualbox machine running windows, the print screen, scroll lock and pause/break key work as expected on windows. The on/off switch on the top of the keyboard is a good feature. Now I do not need to remember the position of the switch and which direction is on/off. Took me more than a month with my older logitech keyboard. The mouse is a Logitech M185 mouse. It takes one AA cell. There is space inside the battery compartment to keep the nano receiver. This makes it both easy to carry the mouse and very very difficult to lose the receiver when you are carrying the mouse. Most other wireless mouse tend to keep the receiver outside the mouse, which makes it easy to lose the receiver in a bag. The battery door does feel like it would come out very easily. Let me use it for some time and see if this is a problem or not. The mouse has a invisible optic laser. You cant see the laser/light like you can on other mice. I dont know if it is a feature or a disadvantage. At first I thought the mouse was dead. This may make it tougher to see if the mouse is working or not. As of now I dont really see any advantage of having no light coming out of the mouse. In normal use, you anyway can not see the light from an optical mouse. I also noticed that the product was not packed very well. The stickers on the packaging and one of the "do not remove" stickers on the keyboard wre not applied properly. The protective film on the mouse also seemed to have been applied not so well. Maybe logitech is shifting over to a cheaper manufacturing process. BTW.. the rating is for Flipkart's service and experience with this product's ordering. The product as such would get a 4 star rating from me.

    - Ambar Roy
    5 Jun, 2014

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