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Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Shaver For MenBlack

4.1 / 5 7992 Ratings , 10 Reviews
2214 onwards

Features :

  • Consistent blade performance for up to 2 years
  • Refreshing wet shave with foam or an easy dry shave
  • Unique ergonomic grip for extra precision
  • Cordless Shaver

Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Shaver For Men Price List :

Best Price
Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Shaver For Men
9-10 days
Philips Aquatouch AT620/14 Electric Shaver
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  • Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Shaver For Men price starts at INR 2214
  • The price for Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Shaver For Men is valid across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Kolkata.
  • The Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Shaver For Men is available at best price of INR 2214 on Flipkart.
  • All the prices have have been updated as of Jun 22, 2021.

Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Shaver For Men Specification :

Key Features

  • Consistent blade performance for up to 2 years
  • Refreshing wet shave with foam or an easy dry shave
  • Unique ergonomic grip for extra precision
  • Cordless Shaver


Sales Package Main Unit, Charger, User Manual
Model Number AT620/14
Model Name Aquatouch
Ideal For Men
Color Black

Product Details

Trimmer Type Pop-up Trimmer (Sideburns and Moustache)
Shaving Head Type Round Shape

Battery And Power Features

Power Source Rechargeable Battery
Battery Type NiMH
Use Time 30+ min, Up to 10 Shaves
Recharge Time 10 hours

Other Details

Other Features Lacquered Front Shell Finishing, Ergonomic Easy Grip Handle, Fully Waterproof, 1 LED Indicator Display, Shaving System: AquaTec Wet & Dry, CloseCut Blade System, Display Indicates: Battery Low, Charging


Warranty Type 2 Years Philips India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Score

4.1 / 5
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    A great choice for the Modern Male.

    Okay, I have been using this product for the past 2 months. That's time enough to accurately judge any item. So, lets start with a quick few pros and cons. PROS:- 1. Offers a fast, clean shave. 2. Ease of use and convenience. 3. Water is its friend. 4. Has a modern, neo-sexy look. CONS:- 1. Requires some time getting used to. There. Now, lets get the single con out of the way first, because that is the ONLY difficulty you might face( Especially, if you are a first-time user of electric shavers, like I was). The blades are rotatory(sleek and sheeny little beauties they are) and they are attached to the shaver-head in a circular pattern. Which means, NO up-down, down-up. This isn't your shaving blade. Like it shows in the manual, you have to mull the thing around your face, going round and round on your cheeks and neck. Do it wrong and you will have patches of beard hair which persist even after multiple rounds. It just takes a bit of practice to use it properly. You just won't get that 'perfect shave' on your first try. But, trust me, you will learn it easily. Right. Now for the good part. BUY THIS THING. RIGHT NOW! For starters, it's as difficult to operate as breathing normally. Pick it up, feel the curves, depress the switch. Its purring like a mean cat. Want to clean the blades? Super easy. Detach the shaver head. Let loose your tap and wash those pesky stranded beard hairs away. You can even clean those beautiful blades using your fingers. Yes, your fingers, without cutting yourself. That's how well designed they are. Another thing about the tap. Do not hesitate to use it. Hell, submerge the damn shaver in a full bathtub before using, it won't mind. It'l merely whirr even louder to show its appreciation. ( No joke, its recommended you give this thing a bath before using...cleans away any dust and lubricates the moving parts.) Also, it comes packaged with a nifty little charger. Plug it, leave on for the night. Enjoy free shaves for the entire week. 30 mins of battery life is pretty nice. Oh, as you can see from the pictures, It is a LOOKER. Set it up on your shaving-stand and you are bound to have friends inquire to you, what this sexy little thing is. Now, the important part. The AT620 is an Aquatouch. It requires you to lather up your cheeks for that fabulous shave. Yes, there is a pop-up trimmer (another cute little thing), but the most it will do is trim those edges of your mustache or 'burns. You can't just wake up in the morning, click this on and be done with it. So, to conclude, will the Philips Aquatouch AT620 give you a faster, better shave? YES. I have a naturally thick beard, which grows all over my damn face. I usually shave on a weekly basis. Previously, using Gillette blades, I had to spend atleast 10 mins or more to get that clean, shiny face. Now, I can achieve that in less than 5. Granted, I had to get used to it. But once I got the hang of it, I was getting a very consistent, very clean shave. All that without the risk of ever cutting yourself. Perfection. So, what are you waiting for, my man? Just BUY THIS THING, NOW! The ladies sure will appreciate it. ( Note - Some reviews here note skin irritations and rashes appearing after/during shave. While I did have some form of irritation(at first), it was no more than what a normal, blade shave gave me. Again, once you get to know how to use it properly, those problems go away. Forever. Also, as my review suggests multiple times, this shaver is really meant for fast and CLEAN shaves. If you are the kind of person who maintains his own goatee, you might have a tougher time getting that perfect beard.)

    - Siddhartha Sen
    18 Aug, 2014
  • 5

    Superb Product, Unless You Know How To Use It

    Firstly, please identify your need. If you need a trimmer, don't buy this product, buy a proper trimmer instead. This is a shaver and does what it says. Don't use it for full-on trimming. Secondly, have patience. You'll take almost a month to get used to this. Till then, red skin rashes and minor left-over spots are common. Consider this time as a training period. Keep in mind that a proper angle is a must while shaving with electric shavers. If some portion is not getting shaved, don't press the shaver to skin. You'll end up with red burning rashes. Try changing the angle at that spot and you will see the effect. Identifying this angle is the key, which will take time. Always use a shaving gel/cream on your beard before you use this shaver to minimise the pain. Remember, shaving with even a good quality traditional razor without any shaving gel/cream will also hurt. Don't blame the product straightaway for this pain. The problem lies in our hard beard. Give some time to this product. It's YOU who need to adjust with its performance cuz this anyway is a dumb machine. If you dont't have patience and time, please don't buy this and better save your money.

    - Prem Ranjan
    24 Sep, 2014
  • 5

    One of the best!!!!

    I ordered this in flipkart on 22nd Feb and got it delivered on 25th Feb. That was really quick. Next up to the product as always philips has crafted this shaver perfectly well and easy to hold. I was using a previous battery operated version of philips shaver and this one tends to be far better. The advantage is that you can use it either dry or wet by using a shaving cream or gel, it shaves really smooth no cuts or nicks what so ever. But first time users you must be aware on how to use it and it is strongly recommended to use this shaver for two to three days beard. It has a pop up trimmer at the back which is also an added advantage. There are two disadvantages: 1. It takes around 10 hours to completely charge and can use it for 20 to 25 mins. 2. It doesnt have a battery full indicator. Only a battery low indicator. Apart from these two disadvantages its a worth product to buy.

    - Saigopal Vasudevan
    13 Mar, 2014

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