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Zoook 9000 KV Rechargeable Baton Stun Gun

3.8 / 5 290 Ratings , 10 Reviews
589 onwards

Features :

  • Technology Used: Triple Stun Technology
  • LED Light Present
  • Safety Button
  • Disable Pin Present
  • With Gun Holster/Strap

Zoook 9000 KV Rechargeable Baton Stun Gun Price List :

Best Price
Zoook 9000 KV Rechargeable Baton Stun Gun
9-10 days
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  • Zoook 9000 KV Rechargeable Baton Stun Gun price starts at INR 589
  • The price for Zoook 9000 KV Rechargeable Baton Stun Gun is valid across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Kolkata.
  • The Zoook 9000 KV Rechargeable Baton Stun Gun is available at best price of INR 589 on Flipkart.
  • All the prices have have been updated as of Feb 22, 2020.

Zoook 9000 KV Rechargeable Baton Stun Gun Specification :

Key Features

  • Technology Used: Triple Stun Technology
  • LED Light Present
  • Safety Button
  • Disable Pin Present
  • With Gun Holster/Strap


Brand Zoook
Model Number ZK-ZMT-GN
Shape Baton
Voltage Rating 9000 KV
Rechargeable Yes
Technology Used Triple Stun Technology
Usage Instructions Push the safety switch to the middle position, the LED flashlight will come on, We recommend charging the stun gun before it is used. Simply plug the slide-out plug on the side of the unit into a standard outlet. The red light will come on while charging
Material Aluminium
Color Black
Rubberized Armor Coating No
Alarm No
Rating A Plus

Light Features

LED Light Yes
Number of LEDs 1
Light Modes 2
Other Light Features Has a fuse and a fairly powerful LED flashlight 160 lumens of light output,, Area of the light beam: at least 100 meters, LED CREE Q5 - 3 watts, while the lantern not less than 2 hours on a single charge.

Power Features

Batteries Included No
Number of Batteries 0
Charger Type Built-in

Safety Features

Safety Button Yes
Disable Pin Yes
Gun Holster/Strap Yes
Safety Cap No
Other Safety Features Powerful 9000000-Volt Laser + Flash Light Stun Gun with a Sound so Fierce it will fend off any attacker with a push of a button, 4 front prongs and 2 simultaneous sparks for double stopping power, Rugged military grade aluminum alloy baton+, Heavy Duty - Bigger and Very Powerful Battery, On/off safety switch to prevent accidental discharge, Reliable - test-fired before leaving the factory and backed by 40 years' experience in the security industry, Product support : backed by a 1 year warranty, Free carry case with belt loop, High power, long distance LED flash ight Very long distance laser light, Built-in rechargeable heavy duty battery, Gun produces spark from single side and when used on someone it activates dual sparks, ON/OFF button at bottom for spark in spark mode flash doesn't work


Width 4.5 cm
Height 18 cm
Depth 4.5 cm
Weight 180 g

Ratings & Reviews

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3.8 / 5
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    Only things working: Stun and laser.

    Pros: 1) Stun gun is powerful. 2) Red laser has good range. 3) The electrodes are sharp and pointy, which means unlike the other concealed or blunt electrode guns, this will effectively penetrate through thick layer of clothing to deliver the best shock. They are not sharp enough to hurt, but just enough to penetrate clothing properly. Cons: 1) There is an L.E.D. that indicates charging but it never turns off when plugged in, so you never know whether you are overcharging or charging right. 2) Charging wire is probably 6-7 inches long, and doesn't connect very tightly with the stun gun, so you cannot "hang" the stun gun while charging. 3) The holster provided is cheap cloth, in which whenever you will put the stun gun, the sharp electrodes WILL pierce through and show on the outside. 4) Stun gun is entirely made of plastic (very little metal too), not high quality. Yes, I understand, some people will say it has to be plastic due to the electricity, but how about plastic as a primary layer and THEN some heavy duty metal AFTER insulation? This thing doesn't feel very durable. But I guess I cannot complain due to the price being alright. 5) The flashlight's "lens" is not glass, but a very cheap plastic's circular cut-out, and honestly, the light is very very low quality, so you can expect it going dim or flickering (I got mine today and flickering already), who cares? You got this for the STUN GUN, not the light, we all know it. Face it. 6) The Zoook branding is fake, doesn't sell anything but media products. But okay, who cares. China. 7) This is not a 9 million volt gun, come on. There are at least 10-15 of the same product on flipkart, all with different voltages mentioned. So don't rely on the voltage, it is probably below 5 million (maximum), no matter what the 1 page cheap instruction manual or packaging box says. But trust me, it is way more than enough. 8) I paid 750Rps. for this, when there are many worth 400Rps. on Flipkart. All of them look the same, that means no matter what the voltage written, no matter what the specifications, all these stun guns are the same, just with different stickers and fake brands. The ONLY differences between the 400Rps. and 750Rps. gun are the laser and sharp electrodes. So, my advice: ONLY GET THIS ONE IF YOU WANT THE ADDED LASER AND SHARP ELECTRODE FEATURES, OTHERWISE IF YOU ARE JUST ALRIGHT WITH THE FLASHLIGHT AND STUN GUN, YOU CAN GET THIS SAME THING FOR 400Rps. ON FLIPKART. THIS IS THE ONLY ONE WITH THE LASER. Usage: 1) Do NOT get curious and zap yourself, you will not be able to let go of the stun button unless you fall to the ground, and it will hurt like hell. (Not based on experience) 2) You HAVE to touch the electrodes onto some big metal object (example: wardrobe, bed, door, etc.) after the use of the stun gun, to take care of the static electricity. The static- even when the device is off- can hurt you if touched by mistake. To ensure there is no static left, look for a little white "pop" spark when you touch the electrodes onto a metal object. If there's no spark, don't worry, but do this EVERY TIME YOU USE THE STUN GUN. 3) Most effective on larger muscles like the shoulder/upper-back, thighs, etc. 4) Know your burst: 1 second burst = Disorientation + pain. 2 second burst = Muscle spasms and losing control + pain. 3 second burst = Just the worst of the above. Anything above 3 seconds is wasting of thr battery.

    - Mr ReviewNinja
    30 Jul, 2016
  • 5

    Highly recommended

    Awesome product . Torchlight and focus is too good . And Taser shock is damn awesome. Tried on ourselves as well as friends too.

    - Kapil Choudhary
    4 Sep, 2016
  • 1

    Zoook 9 million volt Rechargeable Baton Stun Gun

    I got four Zoook 9 million volt Rechargeable Baton Stun Guns. But i found 2 guns were used old items without safety seals. Batteries were down with less light. But 2 guns were with good lights due to full batteries It's a pity that seller did not check good before sending. Anyway I like this product. It's good for safety,. I took one for me and 3 for gifts.

    - Rajesh Nirmal
    22 Jun, 2016

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