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Simpex 2400Supports Up to 2900 g

4.3 / 5 747 Ratings , 10 Reviews
1750 onwards

Features :

  • Load Capacity: 2900 g
  • 1575 mm

Simpex 2400 Price List :

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Simpex 2400
5-6 days
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  • Simpex 2400 price starts at INR 1750
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  • The Simpex 2400 is available at best price of INR 1750 on Flipkart.
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Simpex 2400 Specification :

Key Features

  • Load Capacity: 2900 g
  • 1575 mm


Weight 1340 g
Folded Length 620 mm


Warranty Summary Lifetime

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Score

4.3 / 5
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    Just Go With It !!

    The simplex 2400 is the best tripod available at this price and if you are an amateur or a beginner just give it a shot. LOOKS:-The colour in the picture seems to be light brown, however it is not and it is dark brown shade which is very cool and good. BUILT:-The tripod is strong and sturdy weighing 1300 gm (+ the weight of your camera) which does not allows it to fall down even on a windy day.The legs and the middle supporting beams are made up of aluminium which are strong and does not give a plastic feel. The radial legs adjust themselves on the ground whether rough or even. The extendable neck comes with steel grooves which do not wear and tear quickly as compared to that of the Nikon Sl168 tripod which has the plastic grooves. It also comes with a BUBBLE LEVELER to adjust it perfectly on the ground. Overall it looks like a professional one. OPERATION:-The Pan Head and the corresponding lever is smooth. The extendable neck is also smooth. It extends more than 5 ft 5" which is good enough. It comes with a black nylon cover which is not provided with the Nikon SL168 Tripod which makes it pretty handy. Please keep in mind that you will not use any tripod as frequently as you think, so don't spend enough money on it. Also the more you search the more you will get confused, so just go with it. It is worth a buy and just go with it.

    - Hemant Parashar
    5 Jan, 2013
  • 3

    Value for Money, but NOT perfect for Macro or Telephoto Zoom

    Buying Price: Rs. 1169 (with Cash on Delivery) I have bought 2 for Rs.1169 each! Received: Simpex 2400, Nylon carry bag with shoulder strap. Delivery & Customer Support ????? Was Delivered in 3 days DESPITE that I ordered it with a camera and then later cancelled the camera, which had the same Order Number as this. But Flipkart was kind enough to cancel one product and send me only the Tripod. Packaging ????? The Tripod Box was in a Flipkart box with no bubble wrap or air pads. Since it was a sturdy piece, it didn't quite require it, but still, there was nothing to protect it from drops and shocks in the journey! Looks ????? It looks far more beautiful than the picture provided! The colors are dark and the looks are sturdy, not like the cheap thin plasticy ones. Height ????? The lowest folded height is 23 inches (1 foot, 11 inches) with legs 15.5 inches apart The highest height is 61.5 inches (5 feet, 1.5 inch) with legs 34 inches apart At first I thought it to be almost 6 feet in height, like some comments. However, when I measured it, I got the above lengths, which is also what the product and Flipkart state on the site. If you are into Macro Photography, then sometimes you need to take a picture of something on the ground from up close. Since the lowest height is close to 2 feet, you cannot use this for Macro on ground. There are some tripods in which the legs can complete lay flat out and you can get the lowest usable length of just a few inches. Here, the legs are locked. The maximum height is pretty good and it feels longer than what it claims! You won't have to bend even if you are 6 feet in height. I'm 5 feet, 10 inches and I can stand straight to shoot! Although when you unfold it completely, its legs get 34 inches apart, each, so they can take quite some space around you! Build ????? Strong and sturdy! It is made of aluminum which is powder coated to prevent corrosion and can stand motionless in moderate winds, even in high winds it stands but there can be some vibrations which won't show unless you are using a telephoto zoom lens or are using a very high zoom. Apart from the legs, its neck can also be raised or lowered from the crank and thus you can lower or raise it to just the right length. The crank is also made from aluminum grooves, hence can stand more wear and tear than plastic. Features ????? The legs are folded twice, so you can use the height accordingly, plus you don't need to unfold all the legs completely out to lock. That is, if you are on uneven ground, you can lock one leg in a different length and the others at a different. This way your tripod can be straight even on uneven ground. Since it has TWO spirit (bubble) levels inbuilt, you can be certain if your tripod is straight or not! You can lock the radial legs, so that the tripod doesn't fold if bumped into. Then there is a lock to adjust the pan, so that you can make it smoother or tighter or lock it in place as per your needs. There's also a lock to set the camera in portrait or landscape, i.e. choose to use the camera horizontally or vertically. Plus there is a quick release lock, so that if you need to take a photo of something quick and don't have the time to set tripod, you can quickly release the camera from the tripod. Usability ????? Despite all of its features and sturdiness it is NOT very easy to use. There is quite an inertia in panning horizontally and vertically and despite there is a lock on making it smooth or tight, there is still an inertia. If you have stopped panning and now want to pan just a little, then it will remain stuck and if you use more force, it completely throws out the frame if you are zoomed into a scene. No matter how you use the pan, from side to side or up and down, it is the same. I tried setting it loose and tight and everything, but the inertia is still there. The inertia is so strong, that if you want to move it to left, you need to move it MORE towards the left that what it shows on camera. Since once you leave your hand from the pan bar, it will again move back slightly towards the right, or vice-versa! No amount of calibrating the knobs seems to fix this on BOTH of my tripods. If you are very zoomed in or are in macro or are video recording, then this flaw becomes more pronounced, making it almost unusable to work with! If you photograph something that doesn't require much minute motions, then this might be good for you. Final Verdict ????? For a price of Rs.1169, this is perhaps the best you can get. It's strong, it's sturdy, looks good and works good as long as you don't need to make very minute adjustments like in Macro or Telephoto Zoom. So, if you are NOT shooting something up-close or too far, you are good. If you are into it, then the inertia spoils the show, look elsewhere!

    - Faraz Qureshi
    2 Jul, 2014
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    Cool Stand for my Canon 550D !!! Try it you, u'll Love it

    Hey Guys i got this stand when i was looking out for a cheap one for my college projects to shoot outdoors , and guess what : Flipkart made it so easy by Delivering it within 48hrs, Let me tell you some facts about this stand 1. Its Good Built 2. You get a Cover which is very Useful at times 3. Has a level bottle which is again a main thing 4. height is super good with an base extender, you have to roll the key to make it climb. 5. The base plate screw is bit delicate but does its job well. Now some main points : 1. The head is quite funny if your thinking of operating for video shots so keep in mind. 2. Doesn't allow you to make Camera 90' coz of no feature. 3. i would have loved it more if the locking in the base plate existed in my camera too, the small pin has a spring in it which i am not able to figure out where do i put it exactly as the hole in my 550D isn't there :P. well guys go ahead and buy it , you'll love it coz at this price you cant get it anywhere.....

    - Bhagyaraj Shinde
    17 Jun, 2013

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