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  1. You would earn upto ₹500 per user who makes a transaction from your referral
  2. Ensure the user is using buyhatke extension only and not any other price comparison or cashback or couponing site
  3. Purchases made from above listed websites will be taken into consideration.
  4. Your friends cart should be empty before they start making a transaction
  5. Finish your purchase in the same session.
  6. The amount is redeemable after a store confirms us that the purchase was not returned or cancelled. This takes usually 6-8 weeks as there is a return period attached. We would try and speed this up in cases where return period is smaller like 15 days.
  7. The average order value of the order should be around ₹1000. Some order can be ₹100, some can be ₹2000
  8. Any kind of malicious activity if performed the user would be debarred from participating
  9. The decision of team Buyhatke remains final