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Gone are the days when one has to operate on a mammoth of a computer that’s ensconced on the table. It’s all about compact devices now. With the advent of laptops, life has become easier and simpler. With a compact laptop in your bag, you are never bored, you will never miss out on that deadline. At Buyhatke, we have curated some of the top-notch laptops available in India across all the major e-commerce websites. Be it gaming laptops, mini laptops, latest laptops, or cheap laptops, we have listed them all under one roof.

Choose your Laptop that Meets Your Budget

We wonder if your old, big personal computer at your home occupying a lot of space while gathering dust. Is that the case? Well, it’s time you upgrade your system with a brand new, cutting-edge laptop. You couldn’t have landed on a better page. Go through our exhaustive collection of laptops - Dell, Apple, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer, Sony, Micromax, and many more - and choose the one that meets your requirements. Go through their features, operating system, battery life, processor speed, etc. to make a better buying decision.

Laptops with the Newest Specifications

Old style LCD laptops, the latest LED laptops, touchscreen laptops, wide screen laptops - we have them all listed for you to go through. Whether it’s the OS you are concerned about or the processor speed or the size of the device - whatever your priorities and needs are, we cater to them all. The style or the features or the budget, there are laptops available in every range. Finding the right one is just a matter of seconds.

Laptops with the Latest Technology

Whether you are a student or a working professional, a gamer, or simply someone who loves laptops and who is insanely dependent on technology and wants to keep connected with the world 24x7, you will find the right laptop here. From gaming laptops to notebooks to ultrabooks to professional laptops, we have everything listed down to the last detail here. Computing on your compact device that’s also stylish and elegant will certainly makes your life easy. So go ahead, go through our list of laptops, go through the features, choose the right one for you, and spruce up your life.

Types of Laptops

2-in-1 Laptops

A 2-in-1 laptop gives you the experience of a tablet with the computing power, software compatibility, and overall characteristics of a laptop. A 2-in-1 laptop incorporates features of a laptop like a physical keyboard, large display, and sufficient built-in storage.

Business Laptops

Simply put, business laptops target businesses. Compared to consumer laptops, business laptops are a tad expensive, but gives you higher quality. They are more reliable and durable. They also pack better-performing batteries.

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops aren’t the same as consumer or business laptops. They are more expensive than regular laptops, as they have more powerful components required to play high-intensity games. The only downside is the battery backup.


Unlike business laptops and gaming laptops, Netbooks are economical, energy efficient, and lightweight. They are most suitable for internet access and wireless communication. They focus mainly on e-mailing and web browsing.


Notebooks are extremely lightweight computers that easily fit in a briefcase or a backpack. They are similar to regular laptops, but come in small package. Netbooks often come with battery packs that will help you run them without plugging them in. They are quite expensive compared to regular consumer laptops.